Automotive Products



Kay Premium Marking Films is a prominent UK based manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl film, and other coated plastic films, for the sign making, graphic and automotive industries. Kay Premium Marking Films enjoy an enviable reputation as a “World Class” supplier of self-adhesive films to a quality and cost conscious range of customers. The “Total Quality” concept of technical expertise, manufacturing excellence and close business partnership has led to many customers becoming exclusive users of KPMF products. KPMF is the only Self Adhesive Vinyl manufacturer in the world to have full accreditations to ISO: TS16949 quality standards – which are the highest quality requirements (standards) for the automotive industry.



EGR services over fifty of the world’s carmakers in the supply of premium automotive accessories. They are trusted to produce OEM-branded window visors, canopies, side steps, hood guards, sports bars, tonneau covers and more. Experts in the field, they draw upon a global production environment, with manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Australia and Thailand. Vertical integration lets us keep a keen eye on product quality, while our International Sourcing Division constantly analyses innovative new products and materials, allowing us to serve the industry with the very latest in vehicle accessories.

From Skoda to Chevrolet, Honda to Volkswagen – whenever you need quality aftermarket auto accessories, think EGR. With global distribution, local product development centers in three continents, and products for a huge range of makes and models, EGR is renowned for delivering the world’s best accessories.


DYNAMAT is the leading brand in sound deadening and heat rejection materials used by audio enthusiasts and professional race drivers alike. Proven many times over to be the best in the world. The extensive range of products includes hood liners, headliners, boot liners and firewall lining products.


Simota was established in 1991 as a specialised manufacturer of air filters in Taiwan.  Over the years with constant hard work and a skilful R&D team Simota has been able to build its brand and become a significant member of the air filter industry. Over the years Simota has been able to develop an outstanding air intake series and replacement filters. In order to offer strict quality control Simota has been certified with an ISO9001 certificate by TUV in 2005; moreover, Simota is equipped the highest standard of dynamometer—the MAHA LPS3000, to guarantee all of our products before launching have been tested to provide the best performance. Simota’s comprehensive range of their products includes urethane air filters, replacement air filters, carbon fiber air filters, outstanding performance air intake systems and other accessories. There is a simple mission Simota has to follow which not only to produce high quality products but also to satisfy every customer who is interested in racing sports.


Maston’s focus on continuous product development and usage of high quality raw materials guarantee the most technically advanced and easy-to-use surface treatments. They have developed and patented numerous new solutions, which make the application of their products even easier while improving the finished product quality. Professional quality is now available for everybody. The popularity of the Maston product line is not by coincidence. They have engaged in long-term development to optimize the quality of paints and painting results. In fact, Maston has been the most popular Finnish aerosol paint for more than 15 years. Their 12ml bottle of Touch-up paint with a 2 in 1 brush and pen repair system is very popular among motorists as well.



Magic Dip helps you customize your car for the new look you desire. The rubberized paint has been developed for car enthusiasts to obtain a new and appealing look for their vehicles while keeping the original paint intact and out of harm’s ways from all natural hazards and weathering. From complete body painting or partial color change, Magic Dip is very convenient. It has been specially formulated for an easy removal by just peeling off the paint leaving behind no residue or marks on the original paint. Magic Dip is available in both matte and glossy finish. Magic Dip can be used in several DIY projects which may require a quick and temporary color change. Magic Dip is available in aerosol cans and liter packs.


Since 1866 the company has pushed the envelope of coating technology. Besides developing dry chemical pigments, brush able lacquers and synthetic enamels, Sherwin- Williams was the first company to offer an emulsified finish. Today that pioneering spirit lives on with new developments of coatings that are more durable, longer lasting, easier to apply, and friendlier to the environment. The company’s large technical staff and ISO 9000 lab is constantly developing new coating technology that is VOC-compliant, and exceeds application and performance requirements. Developing and applying these technologies allows the Sherwin-Williams Company to continue to produce and market innovative, new products under the Dupli-Color Brand to fulfil the needs of today’s consumers.


RESTORE, engine restorer and lubricant, with CSL is a revolutionary new engine treatment. In new and older cars, it restores whatever compression and power are lost and maintains the engine in top condition for 2 or 3 times its normal life. Each can of RESTORE contains billions of CSL micro particles in suspension in a neutral motor oil of high quality. Each CSL micro particle contains Lead (40%) dispersed uniformly throughout a Copper (60%) matrix with Silver. RESTORE is added to the motor oil but it is not an oil additive.

Simply, because an oil additive, by definition, is a product which is added to automotive oil in the crankcase with the intended purpose of modifying the oil characteristics such as viscosity, detergency, foaming, etc. RESTORE is not an oil additive in this sense. It is rather an engine additive because it acts on the engine itself playing a double role. The CSL particles fill scratches, grooves and other worn out areas between the piston and the cylinder wall in the engine. The CSL particles provide maximum natural lubrication due to their percentage of lead. This, even under very high temperature. The action of RESTORE reduces friction and rebuilds metal surfaces, which restores lost power and reduces oil & fuel consumption. It works effectively wherever friction and wear cut scratches in metal surfaces, such as cylinder walls, crankshaft and bearings.