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Sun Control & Energy Saving Films


STC GLOBAL IMPEX (CANADA) LTD. was established in 1999. The STC brand has quickly evolved as one of the finest brands in the Sun Control Film business, and Graphic print media, due to its excellent quality, wide product range to suit every type of consumer and economical pricing. The STC brand is already being sold in more than 20 countries around the world. Being at the forefront of innovation, new products are being launched continuously.



Based on various types of film-manufacturing technologies and highly functional optical film technologies that have been accumulated over a 30 year period. SKC provides the best products. As one of the global big three makers or PET Film, SKC has been committed to customer satisfaction based on technologies and reliability accumulated over three decades. SKC assures the quality and durability of its film produced with industrial top-class state of the art coating technology as well as under SKC’s own strict quality control and severe testing. SKC’s window film is highly recognized thanks to its unbeatable hard coating technology (scratch-resistant coating), clarity and high durability. Their range of Energy saving films is second to none, due to their excellent performance and durability. You will find SKC window film stable and reliable.