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Off-Road & Recovery


HELLA products are among the best in their category. Their range of auxiliary lights is famous equally with motorists and rally drivers around the world. They are continuously introducing new and innovative models to suit the demands of the motorists of the new generation. Hella is the original equipment supplier to some of the most famous automobile manufacturers in the world.


Spare parts from Bosch impress by their quality, reliability and innovative technology. They only go into serial production once they meet their very stringent requirements. With state of the art lights and brake systems, batteries with extremely long lives, wiper blades, starters and air filters that let six times less pollutants into the interior of your car, Bosch provides high quality spare parts that make driving safer, more comfortable and more eco-friendly. Naturally, Bosch spare parts are available for almost all vehicle types in ex-works quality. That means: Spare parts from Bosch have the same first class quality as those fitted in your car by the manufacturer.

Keeper Recovery Straps

Keeper® straps and ropes feature Hi-Test™, abrasion resistant materials that exceed the needs of the most demanding situations. Hi-Test™ webbing is abrasion resistant and absorbs shock. Traditional Recovery straps feature looped ends that attach to tow hooks and winch lines. Keeper Snatch straps can stretch up to 20% of their original length without breakage or permanent distortion. A must-have item for trail goers. These Hi-Test™ web straps provide exceptional strength, are lightweight and easy to store and care for. The stretch and recoil action of recovery straps make vehicle recovery easier to work with. Keeper’s recognised brand and well-engineered products are the most trusted to provide people unique, patented simple solutions for their specific everyday needs that provide the most satisfying experience in terms of reliability, security/safety, and ease of use.