Since 1866 the company has pushed the envelope of coating technology. Besides developing dry chemical pigments, brushable lacquers and synthetic enamels, Sherwin- Williams was the first company to offer an emulsified finish. Today that pioneering spirit lives on with new developments of coatings that are more durable, longer lasting, easier to apply, and friendlier to the environment. The company’s large technical staff and ISO 9000 lab is constantly developing new coating technology that is VOC-compliant, and exceeds application and performance requirements. Developing and applying these technologies allows the Sherwin-Williams Company to continue to produce and market innovative, new products under the Dupli-Color Brand to fulfill the needs of today’s consumers.

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Dupli Color Chrome Sprays

Dupli Color Engine Enamel Range

Dupli Color Spatter Paints

Dupli Color VHT - Flameproof High Heat Paints

Dupli Color High Performance Wheel Coating Sprays

Dupli Color Metalcast Annodized Sprays

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